Port Canaveral Ship-Induced Surge Analysis

Port Canaveral, Florida

Puerto Cañaveral Ship-Induced Análisis de sobreten
Port Canaveral Análisis de sobretensiones Ship ind

Port Canaveral Análisis de sobretensiones Ship inducido, Florida

Coast & Harbor Engineering performed vessel-induced surge modeling and analysis for the Canaveral Port Authority to provide an assessment of passing vessel hydrodynamic effects and forces on berthed vessels within the Port. The analysis evaluated potential hydrodynamic changes on a port-wide scale and analyzed changes in loads on berthed vessels at both commercial and military (Air Force, Navy) berths.  CHE simulated cruise ship departures and hydrodynamic fluctuations for existing conditions and the Recommended Plan navigation improvement configuration. 

Project Contact: Scott Fenical, PE, (415) 773-2164 or scott@coastharboreng.com.