Piper Channel Shoreline Stabilization

Port Aransas, Texas

Piper Channel Shoreline Stabilization, Port Aransas, TX
Piper Channel Jetty Construction

Piper Channel Jetty Construction

Coast & Harbor Engineering conducted a feasibility study, engineering design, and construction engineering services for the Texas General Land Office as part of a navigation project to protect the channel entrance from extreme sedimentation and protect the adjacent shoreline from erosion. The project consisted of constructing flared steel sheetpile jetties along the channel from both sides. The new jetty structure was composed of coated steel sheet piling, waler system, batter and vertical steel piles and navigational aids. The project was completed was successfully completed in September 2007.

Project Contact: Hugo Bermudez, PE, (512) 342-9516 or hugo@coastharboreng.com.