BOSTCO Terminal Mooring Analysis

La Porte, Texas

Bostco Terminal Dynamic Mooring Analysis, La Porte, TX

Coast & Harbor Engineering performed a static and dynamic mooring analysis to evaluate mooring conditions at the Tanker Dock and Barge Docks 1 and 2 at the proposed BOSTCO Terminal in La Porte, TX.   The goal was to provide passing vessel forces and evaluate impacts to the mooring system and berthed tankers due to passing vessels, winds, and currents. The analysis utilized forces from environmental conditions as well as CHE’s proprietary hydrodynamic modeling tools to develop passing vessel forces.  Static and dynamic mooring analysis simulations were performed using the OPTIMOOR program. The project construction is scheduled for completion in September 2013 with operations to begin October 1, 2013.

Project Contact: Scott Fenical, PE, (415) 773-2164 or